Board Tracker Limited Edition Oak Rested Gin. SOLD OUT

Board Tracker Limited Edition Oak Rested Gin. SOLD OUT

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Board Tracker Oak Rested Gin starts life as a high-proof organic-grain spirit which is steeped with a unique set of botanicals: juniper, sarsaparilla, fresh orange peel and fresh Braeburn apple.

It is distilled in beautiful gas-fired, hand-hammered copper stills for twenty-four hours at a low temperature to capture the best flavour of the essential oils and to maintain a desirable high alcohol level.

But botanicals are not enough to create this fantastic gin. Next, charred oak, 100% bourbon barrel chips and responsibly sourced vanilla extract are added. With increased heat, the pores in the wood chips expand to give Board Tracker Gin its gorgeous golden colour and its hint of the taste of the track itself!

40% ABV United States Customers please e-mail if interested in purchasing.

Find out more about the history behind board track racing on our blog.

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